The 10003 Warrior Project

10003 Warrior Project is a photographic narrative where we intend on capturing the faces of 10003 Warriors throughout Kenya. Warrior is used to refer to sickle cell disease (SCD) patients. Out of the 103 faces we are starting with in Nairobi county, we have managed to capture 27 Warriors.

The project aims to empower them and create awareness to others who may know little or nothing about it. SCD is not talked about much and as a result we hope to shed light onto the wonders, worries and misconceptions about it. Through the portraits taken, we share the Warrior stories on our blog.

We are running the project from September 2014 to September 2015 where we will unveil our 10003 Warrior faces and their stories. Photo shoots will be done throughout the year and information on them can be found on our social media platforms. Share and support the Warriors.

Crowd-funding Campaign:!/projects/the-10003-warrior-project


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