Concert featuring Sarabi, H_art the Band, Unik Dancers and Stacycompletely sells out, leaving audiences inspired and proving spoken word is the up and coming art form in Nairobi.

Nairobi, Kenya (October 13, 2014) – In an event unlike any other hosted in Nairobi before noted spoken word artists Mufasa and Teardops hosted Unchained Voices for a sold out audience on Sunday October 12 at Alliance Francaise. The event was a double album release of the albums Inside Out by Mufasa and Memoirs of a Wordsmithby Teardops.

The show hosted by Elsaphan Njora was a lively multi-disciplinary event featuring electric performances from a number of artists. Unik Dancers put Teardrops’ words into movement by creating stunning dance pieces to tracks from the new album. Kenya’s favorite Afro-fusion band Sarabi showed their support by playing hit songs and hilarious musical improv. H_art the Band also took to the stage to perform their unique Afro-Poetry sound with songs including their single Uliza Kiatu.

The most inspiring performances of the night however came from Mufasa and Teardrops. Both artists have been creating spoken word pieces in Nairobi for over five years and Unchained Voices was a true testament to how far they have come. Their works covered a variety of topics including: family, politics, Nairobi, love and art. What shone the most though, was their passion for their art. Every audience member was touched by their words and were left laughing, crying and inspired by the tremendously moving voices of Mufasa and Teardrops.

Unchained Voices, which was trending on twitter all day Sunday – demonstrated exactly how powerful spoken word can be, and how it is the up and coming art form in Nairobi. Mufasa and Teardops are leading the industry and they look forward to hosting more concerts and spreading their words across the continent.

Albums are available for purchase at PAWA254, The Sondeka Festival or www.mufasapoet.com



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