Political organizing training – free online 8-session course from NOI

A free, 8 session guided tour through the essentials of organizing… from the New Organizing Institute, a rare organization doing this work… resources and trainings from theory of change fundamentals to online tools for political organizing…. from NOI:

Do you know what the acronym GOTV means? When I was interning with the Feingold campaign in college I didn’t.

My supervisor was talking about it one day and to avoid asking what was probably a dumb question I said, “yeah, yeah of course” – then quickly ran to my laptop as soon as he left the room. And wouldn’t you know it, 2-3 results down the page I see “What is GOTV” – a resource from the New Organizing Institute.

I had no idea what NOI was then, but wow was I relieved to have that resource.

Similar scenarios play out just like this every day. An organizer needs to learn about GOTV, Public Narrative, or Volunteer Management, they search for answers, and the NOI Toolbox is there to coach them through it.

But organizers need more, and we want to do more. That’s why we’re launching Toolbox Live – a free, 8 session guided tour through the essentials of organizing. We’ll include our best Toolbox lessons, study materials to accompany them, and then host a live online session with one of our great coaches.

Available to you free of charge – all you need to do is subscribe. 

Sign up for Toolbox Live – sessions run from June 20 – August 15. This is perfect for newbies (like I was) trying to break into the world of organizing, experienced organizers looking for a refresher, or really anyone looking to make change in the world.

Subscribers will receive weekly emails every Tuesday outlining: which modules to watch that week, materials, guides, and notes to download, and links to Friday live coaching sessions.

Then each Friday we’ll have some of our best trainers facilitating live online sessions to coach you through that week’s material.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Lesson 1: Intro to Organizing

Lesson 2: Engaging Others Through Story

Lesson 3: Commitment & Structure

Lesson 4: Data-Driven Campaign Strategy

Lesson 5: GOTV Planning

Lesson 6: Data-Driven GOTV

Lesson 7: Online Engagement

Lesson 8: Voter Protection

We know not everyone can pay for a training, travel, or knows an NOI coach to reach out to when they need advice – that’s why we’re bringing all of it to you, at your own pace. And if you’re too busy or need more time to absorb all of the materials, you can always bookmark the lessons and watch the videos later.

Subscribe to Toolbox Live – we’ll be closing registrations soon and we don’t want you to miss it. We guarantee you’ll come out a better organizer then when you came in.




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