YouWin Awards

An opportunity to keep an eye on for the next rounds…

Youth With Initiative (You Win) Awards is an initiative of Makini Training and Consultancy (MTC) that seeks to address the problem of youth unemployment in Kenya. Annually, the initiative will identify and reward youth entrepreneurs (18 – 35 years) who are making great strides in the world of business. We believe it’s time we begin celebrating young entrepreneurs who have committed their resources and life to creating wealth and jobs as a country.

Through this initiative, we aim at challenging more youth to set up businesses instead of always waiting to get employed. Celebrating winners of these awards will help in transforming youth into agents of change hence becoming role models and champions in finding solutions for the challenges we encounter in our modern society. The motto for the initiative is “Dream. Win . Inspire”. The initiative further strives to change the mind-set of youth from being the traditional job seekers to become master employers in the 21st century.

The application Forms can now be found at all POSTA Offices country wide and Nakumatt Stores.

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