Strategic tips from the Awesome Foundation – Round 2 deadline on Friday

Awesome Foundation – February grant open!
Applications due this Friday, 14 February (midnight)

For those that applied or are planning to apply, here are some of the reasons that made us choose the Dandora Green Mtaas project in our first month. Hopefully it will help you in structuring your application and presentation…

– This was a project about someone doing something to help other people, rather than for their own benefit (e.g starting a business)

– This group was tackling a problem for which there is a strong need for a solution. Dandora (and Nairobi in general) is becoming dirty, dusty, dilapidated and crime ridden; their project addresses this.

– The group had already done so much work on their own and only needed assistance to take them to the next level. Their passion and commitment was quite evident.

– If successful, the project will positively impact the lives of so many people

– There is clear ownership of the project by the local community which would make it sustainable and also the involvement of local leaders and even local authorities

– The project can serve as a model which can be repeated in so many other parts of Nairobi (and Kenya)

– They had a clear plan on how they plan to use the money they won. Also importantly, the benefits resulting from use of the grant money would be visible in a few weeks, rather than several months down the road

– The presentation at the interview was excellent. It was full of confidence, they understood their project and were able to answer questions clearly and even used photos to help us visualize what they are doing

So there you go – our first ever grant goes to a truly
awesome group. We hope this money will give them a boost to proceed to the next level and we hope to work with them to secure even greater support. We will keep you all posted on how this is going. Please also visit and like our Facebook page: and on Twitter @AwesomeNBO

Keep it awesome!!


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