Call for Awesome Ideas – due 14 February (second Friday of month)

Funding AWESOMENESS in Nairobi with the Awesome Foundation
Awesome Foundation (AF) Nairobi  every month gives 100,000 KSH to someone, a group of people, or even an organization to do something “awesome” in Nairobi.

January’s first-ever winners were Mustard Seeds for Dandora Green Mtaas!

Visit the website for more info:


What  is the Awesome Foundation Nairobi?
The Awesome Foundation Nairobi is part of the global Awesome Foundation ( which was formed in Boston in the US in 2009 and which currently has 87 Chapters across 18 countries and have to date funded 764 projects to the tune of USD 764,000.
The interesting thing about the Awesome Foundation is that it’s not a foundation at all…
Instead, it is just an informal group of everyday people who agree to individually contribute the equivalent of USD 100 every month. These contributions then go to a common pot of USD 1,000 which then funds an awesome project of their choice. These people, usually between ten – twenty, are known as “Trustees” and are the ones that form a Chapter. They are also the ones who collectively set the rules for the Chapter and vote on the project they think is the most awesome for the month.
The Nairobi Chapter was formally constituted on 9 November 2013 and already has thirteen Trustees ( These are all people living in Nairobi, people with their everyday jobs, drawn from different professions and nationalities and have decided that they are going to be the change they want to see! The Nairobi Chapter Trustees have also decided that they will offer a grant above what is usually offered by other Chapters across the world and will instead give Kshs 100,000 every month. This is also the very first Chapter in Africa.
What  are they looking to fund?
The cool thing about the Awesome Foundation is that there are no hard and fast rules about what will be funded or not funded. What AF Nairobi is looking for is people with crazy brilliant ideas; people doing something that has never been previously done before, or doing something that others usually do, but they do it with a crazy twist or angle that makes someone stop in their tracks and say – “Whoah! that’s awesome!” as long as it is something that positively impacts or benefits others. For general guidelines, you can check out the AF Nairobi Chapter webpage:
For a better idea of Awesome projects, look at what other Chapters around the world have funded:;;;
The grants can go to individuals, NGOs, for-profit-companies, chamas, self-help groups or any type of entity. The grants support projects in sciences, arts, civic engagement, media, events and entertainment or even magic… anything as long as it’s awesome!
How to apply?
You apply by answering three simple questions listed on a form that you fill online on the Awesome Foundation Website. You can access the form here: The form must be submitted by the second Friday of every month. The Trustees then meet the last Saturday of every month to decide on the winner. Shortlisted applicants will be called for face-to-face interviews and their project ideas checked and verified before the winner is announced.
Interested in becoming a Trustee?
If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, please send your request by email to:
Be a part of the Awesome Foundation Nairobi either as a Trustee or by submitting your project for a grant and let us spread awesomeness in Nairobi, one month at a time!!

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