Tatua Fellowship – for youth passionate about their communities

A very unique full-time opportunity for passionate youth anywhere in Kenya. DEADLINE EXTENDED!! STILL OPEN.

The application process for the 2014 Tatua Kenya Fellowship is now open. All needed information can be found online at http://tinyurl.com/tk2014info. For more info about Tatua, visit
website www.tatuakenya.org and blog http://tatuakenya.wordpress.com. The actual application can be found at http://tinyurl.com/tk2014application.


The Tatua Kenya Fellowship is a two-year program that trains local leaders to build and maintain Community Run Initiatives that address poverty through the skills of community organizing.

For years, donors, out of a desire to serve the “poor”, have entered “struggling” communities with solutions to what they see as the community’s challenges. Donors become frustrated when the community displays a lack of support or involvement, unaware that it was their very actions that led to the community being dependent on donors for their wellbeing. Community members are tired of being directed by outsiders but are often afraid to say anything for fear of losing “support.

While some initiatives have resolved to develop sustainable solutions to reducing poverty levels in the community through micro-loans and social entrepreneurship programs the success of these programs rarely extends past an individual. If we want to see long-term solutions to poverty we must stop offering "fixes” from the outside and instead employ the resources of the local community to develop local leadership, local capacity and local structures that can achieve real change.

Tatua sees this challenge as an opportunity to encourage local leadership development and uplift the value of community engagement in sustaining community development. Tatua has developed a two-year Fellowship that teaches how leadership, as practiced through community organizing, can revolutionize the way we approach development work. The Fellowship is ideal for persons working with existing initiatives in Kenya who understand the vital need for the community to become engaged in their programs. 

Tatua develops leaders that build a strong and united community of individuals working together to achieve a sustainable impact. Fellows enter the program with a “target issue” that they want to address through community organizing, examples of target issues would be: food scarcity, youth involvement in politics, childhood poverty or environmental preservation.

Fellows can expect the following from the program:

  • Personal Development – Fellows will exit the fellowship with the skills to bring together a group of individuals to achieve change and an understanding of how to develop strategy that will achieve long-term change in communities.
  • Community Development – Fellows will build the capacity of their community to address change through developing local leaders and building structures in which these leaders will achieve change.
  • Improved Livelihoods – Fellows will lead the community in launching a Community Run Initiative that addresses a specific challenge (education, food security, civic engagement, gender violence) the community is facing. The Community-Run Initiative will provide immediate relief and develop strategies for long-term solutions to the challenge faced by the community.

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