Production Assistants for “Our Nairobi”

“Our Nairobi”
The Project
Our Nairobi is a project to record oral histories of people who were caught up or affected by the terrible attack on Westgate Shopping Centre. The interviews will be used to create a video tribute to the event.

We believe that this is an important project, especially as international and local media attention moves away from this event, as it will create a permanent memorial to this tragedy. It will also act as a symbol of the solidarity it inspired in the people of Nairobi. Inspiration has been taken from the Voices of Resilience platform that was created by Time Magazine after 9/11

Our plan is to create a website with a graphic of the city of Nairobi (on which we will recognise those who have supported our project). We will use this website to display individual interviews we record and, once we have completed the interviews we will compile them into one film which will also be available on the website. The film will include the interviews, a selection of photographs and poetry commemorating the event; this film will be the product of our project. The interviews will also be donated to the Kenyan Archives in Nairobi for future historians and members of the public to consult.

Everyone will be asked one question: “What were you doing the morning of the attack?”

We will then record their story of the events that unfolded through their eyes; their thoughts and feelings one month later. Each interview will be between 20-40 minutes in a calm, serene environment in the studio in Brookside, where the person logging can also work.

People Needed
Production Assistant
Role includes:
1.              Logging interviews
2.              Transcribing Interviews
3.              Making Interviewees feel comfortable on arrival in the studio – tea making etc
4.              Assisting Camerman with lights
5.              Working with Arete Stories Production Assistant and giving daily updates.
1.              Advantage if you own a laptop with Quick Time viewer to watch films
2.              Typing skills – 40 words per minute minimum
Duration: 1 month
Working Times: 9 – 6 Monday through to Saturday
Pay: Ksh. 20,000

Role includes:
1.              Finding people from all backgrounds: Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Ex-Pats, men, women and children who we in some way involved in Westgate
2.              Doctors
3.              Kenyan Red Cross Workers
4.              Police
5.              Civilians
6.              Military
1.              Experience of being an investigative journalist
2.              Good networking skills
3.              Existing network of journalists/ contacts involved in Westgate
4.              Ability to travel around Nairobi and meet potential people to be interviewed

Pay: Ksh. 20,000

arjun (at)


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