Advertising & Marketing Visual Creatives Sought

We are looking for 4 visual creatives for the Advertising and Marketing industry.. These Vacancies expire 6th of September so please help us spread the word if you know people that would be interested.
  • Someone who is not just a creative but can also give direction, understand the full idea of the campaign and be able to pitch creative ideas that deliver that.
  • Someone confident, not just in their work, but in defending their work, defending the campaign incase you have to pitch it to client or to them as a team.
  • Said person should have atleast 2 years (4 years would be great)

    experience. Though willingness to learn on the job is also as appealing. This would mean creating artwork and direction for experential or events type work so dust off your portfolio, and also get ready to share on “what else you contributed” aside from the visual creative work.

  • Confidence here does not necessarily mean talking loud or fast.. it means being able to understand, as well as talk through your points or win someone to your corner.

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